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  1. Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

    Maybe it's game-day and you are the ref. Or, perhaps you are an 80s pop-star in need of a cool accessory. And, what if you are a tough motorcyclist? This Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves are perfect for your costumes.Let's face it these gloves fulfill all sorts of costume needs. The black stretchy material looks good no matter what you are doing. There is a Velcro closure at the top of the wrist to make sure the gloves stay on tight. To polish the gloves and make you look good there is a faux button at the wrist. Polish your referee costume to make calls without any drama. Or, bop around to 80s beats while looking the part. Maybe, dress up that cool biker costume with some cute gloves to make you look kick-butt. No matter what, you'll be looking good. ..

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  2. Wonderland Flamingo Crop

    Wonderland's Queen of Hearts inspires fear in everyone, including every last one of us at the offices.Remember in the movie when the gardeners advise Alice to play dead to avoid being confronted by the sinister Queen, but Alice ignores and the Queen commands that Alice's head be severed? Yeah, we just got chills thinking about it. Such an evil old lady commands respect from allhumans and other animals alike. Even poor, poor flamingos, who probably would like to soar through the skies, but are doomed to be used as crops in her games of Crochet. Poor things just want to fly, and maybe eat some fish.Out in your yard or along with your costume, the key difference here, however, is that your flamingos are merely a prop for show. Right? Right?!..

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  3. Sequin Cop Hat

    Who says your police outfit has to be boring? Nobody. That's who. And this goes doubly for your police accessories. There's nothing wrong with a little color and glitz to make everything more fun. Fuzzy blue hand cuffs? Sure. A red custom painted police baton? Why not. And what about that hat? You bet your butt you can do better than a plain black cop hat.You could, for instance, use our Sequin Cop Hat instead. This thing looks like a normal cop hat, black with the brim and silver badge on the front, but the whole thing is covered in black sequins. How awesome is that? It's a bit more subtle than something pink and fuzzy, but it still has that nice glittery detail that'll make it more fun. This is better than your normal boring police cap for sure...

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  4. Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs

    The saying is Blonds have more fun. So why not be a blond bombshell for Halloween? Let's face it being a blond one night will really help polish your costume. Whether you are a Barbie Doll, a faerie, or a cute flower child hippy a little blond ambition can go a long way. No one will be able to make a dumb blond joke at your expense because you are one smart cookie, and you're beautiful to boot! Any costume will look extra awesome with the Blonde Straight Wig with Bangs. Don't worry, no blondes were hurt in making this wig! The hair is synthetic and styled with eyebrow-length bangs. The interior has a mesh cap with and elastic edge to keep the wig in place. This beautiful sleek and smooth wig is perfect for your Halloween costume. ..

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  5. Black Straight Wig with Bangs

    Straight black hair with bangs. Its hands down one of our favorite hairstyles, a classy and elegant do that looks as good day-to-day as it is central uncountable costume ideas. Many vampires sport this coiffure because the stark blackness of their hair contrasts well against their pale skin, and the angles accentuate their supernatural good looks. A lot of superheroes, warriors, princesses, and cartoon characters share this appealing hairstyle in common, and straight black hair is a must for most gothic looks.If you want gorgeous jet black hair but dont have the genes or time for it, you can magic the look onto your head courtesy of this 100% olefin hair wig. The synthetic hair is strong, holds its rich color, and is resistant against staining and sunlight...

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  6. Monarch Butterfly Wings

    Do you know what it means when a butterfly lands on you? Well, if you don't, we will gladly tell you! If you were lucky enough to have the gorgeous winged creature land somewhere on your body, the butterfly was trying to send you a message. It was saying, you're in store for a beautiful transformation, my friend! You see, butterflies are quite magical and maybe, just maybe, that tiny insect knew that you were about to be gifted with these Monarch butterfly wings. Just put on these dazzling amber-colored wings and get ready for the ultimate metamorphosis. These wings, crafted from lovely satin fabric, are a great way to get your butterfly costume noticed. Just fasten the band around your neck and slip your wrists inside the elastic straps at the ends of the fabric to became the Queen of the Monarchs. The impressive 28 inch wingspan will certainly create quite the buzz no matter where you are fluttering off to! ..

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Halloween is not just childrens holidays. Over the past 30-40 years, it has become increasingly popular, with adults entering the spirit as well as children. And of all Halloween traditions, uniforms are the highest for all ages. Exactly when children are babies, they are dressed up for Halloween (although for babies, enthusiasm is more for parents or children!) Ideal ideas for childrens costumes are almost simple, but the most popular year-on-year are the licensed characters of their favorite movies and TV shows. And usually the most popular is any character of the last hit movies last summer. There are more amazing costumes, such as pirates, witches, spirits and aliens always working too. As children get older, they usually get over each year. Fake wounds, blood and blood are common views with older tricks. And less their parents like it, the better. Halloween costumes have ended up becoming more popular every year as well. There are tons of licensed adults for adults as well as many of the antique backups. When adults wear up, they often like to stick to a theme - everyone in the costumes will be by theme or a couple may wear some similar uniforms. Historical costumes such as Renaissance or Medieval nappies are also popular with young people. Or decades costumes - Roaring 20 dressers or zoot 40 suit. A difference between childrens and adult costumes is that adults often collect their own costumes, with more attention to the details. Children are very happy with the costumes you bought in the local drug shop. Adult dress can be quite detailed - something that would be right at home on a movie set. The composition of high costumes and masks and clothing is quite common. Costume rental shops can help with putting all of this together. High quality costume can cost a lot of money and renting can make sense, especially if you want a different dress every year.