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  1. Toddler Yoda Costume

    Patience you must have, my young padawan. Much time it takes, to learn the ways of the Force. Yoda was always such a wise Jedi Master. His words rarely fell on deaf ears and he had a unique way of playing Jedi mind tricks on enemies he encountered, making his lightsaber a last resort for vanquishing the enemy.Not only was Yoda and kind and caring Jedi, he was also masterful with a lightsaber and skilled at handling enemies and students with great composure. You could say he was a master of understanding people and always knowing the right thing to do - even if it was a difficult thing to do.It may take much time to become a Jedi Master, but look like a Jedi Master you can, in this licensed Yoda Toddler Costume! Size matters not, when the Force is your ally. Will you become a Jedi? Impossible to see, is the future. But feel the Force, and mind what you have learned. Save you it can! This officially licensed Star Wars Yoda costume comes with everything your little one needs to become the valiant Jedi Master this Halloween. The cream polyester robe has an attached brown shirt front for a classic Jedi look. The hood has Yodas signature pointy ears and secures with a Velcro closure under the chin for maximum comfort. Dont forget to add the matching mitts, shoe covers, and cane to take your childs Yoda costume to a galaxy far, far away this Halloween!..

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  2. TMNT Michelangelo Orange Tank Dress

    As a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, you dont get a lot of choice in your wardrobe. For one thing, its tough to find a clothing company that specializes in the broadly built and scaly, and thats not even taking into account the shell. The turtles dress on the minimal side not just because they like the look, but also because they dont have a lot of options. Given their body types and choice of activities, theyre pretty much locked into the color-coded masks with belts and elbow- and knee-pads. Anything more would just look silly.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans, on the other hand, have a much freer range of clothing choice in front of them. Maybe it seems a little harsh to pay tribute to the Turtles while wearing gear whose comfort they themselves can never know, but then again Michaelangelo and the guys are some famously chill dudes. Theyre not going to hold a grudge against their fans for rocking the Turtle colors on a comfy tee, even if they do feel a little bit bummed on the inside.Display your Turtle Power pride in this stretchy, form-fitting cotton-Spandex blend tank dress, emblazoned at the front with Michaelangelos familiar shell pattern, belt, and nunchucks, with a turtle shell and orange belt across the back. Be confident in knowing that youre probably more comfortable in it than a real Turtle would ever be. Then again, you probably couldnt take out half as many bad guys with a flying jump kick, so its something of a trade-off...

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  3. TMNT Leonardo Blue Tank Dress

    My name's Leo. I've got 3 rowdy brothers who always give me a hard time. But I keep them in line... usually. Master Splinter picked me to lead because I eat, sleep and breath Ninjustu. Not that my brothers aren't good, I'm just better. But nothing can get in my way in protecting my family.- LeoWhen you live on the streets (or, more technically, below them, in the sewer system) in New York City, things can get a little dicey. And when you're the leader of a pack of teenaged anthropomorphic turtles named after Renaissance Italian artists whose mission it is to keep the streets clean from crime while also attempting to stay hidden from society? Lets just say that, sometimes, finding that work/play balance can be tough.Especially when youre Leo, the oldest of your crew, and all you want is to study hard and be the best ninja turtle you can possibly be, but your smart-mouthed squad keeps getting into scrapes and battles with the criminal underground. You just wanna study and be your star student self, but you also cant turn your back on keeping those streets clean. Which is why youve gotta keep working on that work/play balance!And the first step is rocking this super sweet TMNT Leonardo Blue Tank Dress! The perfect day to night look for any Ninja Turtle, it'll easily take you from Katana Sword practice to party time. Even better? It's made of stretchy 94% cotton/6% spandex fabric, so you can eat all the pizza you want and take on those petty street criminals with the rest of your Cowabunga ladies in a gang-busting, rip-roaring ninja fight. Booyakasha, baby!..

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  4. Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand

    All wizards and witches can cast a variety of unique and potent magical spells on their own. Through a few components, concentration, mystic words, or even just mere concentration, no magic is unattainable. That said, it takes time and lots of energy. That is why you see so many casters making use of implements to help hone in that focus and make some serious magical effects take place with greater ease.And the Good Witch of the North is no different. Her iconic wand is perhaps a little different from what others might select, but this Deluxe Glinda the Good Witch Light-Up Wand is still a crucial aspect of the guardian witchs abilities. This 16 wand is silver with bright multicolored gems in its star end. But, the magic isnt in its appearance, alone. A simple flick of the wand and press of a button and it illuminates with magic that couldnt possibly be explained by two batteries alone! Show those munchkins that all is well and guide Dorothy to her ultimate future and home with this glorious wand!..

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  5. Friendly Skies Flight Attendant Costume

    Do you ever find yourself behaving...inexplicably? For instance, do you like to offer complete strangers small comforts like comically small pillows, half cans of soda, or blankets so thin theyre transparent? Do you not only love using belt buckles but take pleasure in demonstrating their correct operation to crowds of captivated (and captive) onlookers?Dont worry -- these are all perfectly normal compulsions for a healthy person to have. They just mean you have an inner flight attendant whos itching to get out! Theres a part of you that loves gallivanting across the powder blue skies, exploring the world from 39,000 feet at 575 miles per hour in a plane that weighs more than a house. Its all very natural. But now that youre content to be a flight attendant, how do you look like one?With our help, of course! The Friendly Skies Flight Attendant Costume comes with a dress, hat, and scarf will have you ready to take flight -- or just go for a trip. People will like you so much that theyll want to press the little call attendant button even when they havent got an actual emergency. And remember: if no one actually sees you hit someone with the drink cart, its like it never even happened!..

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  6. Scotty Hotty Women's Scottish Costume

    Did you know that plaid and tartan arent the same thing? Youd think they would be, since to most of us, they look like the same thing, but tartan is actually the correct word for the specific pattern favored by loggers, hipsters, and Highland clansman alike; plaid (or plaide) refers to the actual blanket or outer layer that kept the Scots toasty during harsh weather. Though the terms are basically interchangeable nowadays, its worth noting that while all tartans are plaids, not all plaids (simple checked patterns like Buffalo Plaid, for example) are tartans!Heres some more fun facts thatll blow your wee mind: A group of archaeologists inspecting an ancient Chinese cemetery in 1978 uncovered the mummified body of a Celtic male wearing a red twill tunic and a pair of tartan leggings. Experts estimate the Caucasian malelater dubbed the Cherchen Mandied around 1000 BCE. Which means that crosshatch pattern was already cool way back when ancient crews ran this turf! And in 16th Century Scotland, wearing tartan was a way to show regional prideit was literally like wearing the ball cap of your favorite sports team today. It started out of simple necessity - the local weaver couldnt reproduce a variety of patterns because that would be costly (and annoying), so a standard pattern using the colors easily available was used for everyone in the immediate area. Then, as trade increased, people started wearing their local tartans when they traveled as a point of pride. Cool, yeah? But not as cool as this Scotty Hotty Women's Scottish Costume! Even if there's not a single Scottish twig on your family tree, you can still look like a lass who knows how to dance the Highland Fling with the best of 'em! The sleeveless dress has a back zipper, velour bodice, plaid skirt, and interlock front inset, and comes with interlock sleeve puffs that have elastic in each edge (so they'll stay where you put em) and a cute plaid bow at the bottom edge. The costume even comes with a black tam hat (complete with requisite pompom - well save the fun historical facts on that for another time!) and plaid stocking bows that you can attach to the stockings or tights of your choice. Add a pair of shiny black heels you can jig in, and you'll be ready for adventureso as the Scots say, Heid doon arse up(get on with it)!..

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Halloween is not just childrens holidays. Over the past 30-40 years, it has become increasingly popular, with adults entering the spirit as well as children. And of all Halloween traditions, uniforms are the highest for all ages. Exactly when children are babies, they are dressed up for Halloween (although for babies, enthusiasm is more for parents or children!) Ideal ideas for childrens costumes are almost simple, but the most popular year-on-year are the licensed characters of their favorite movies and TV shows. And usually the most popular is any character of the last hit movies last summer. There are more amazing costumes, such as pirates, witches, spirits and aliens always working too. As children get older, they usually get over each year. Fake wounds, blood and blood are common views with older tricks. And less their parents like it, the better. Halloween costumes have ended up becoming more popular every year as well. There are tons of licensed adults for adults as well as many of the antique backups. When adults wear up, they often like to stick to a theme - everyone in the costumes will be by theme or a couple may wear some similar uniforms. Historical costumes such as Renaissance or Medieval nappies are also popular with young people. Or decades costumes - Roaring 20 dressers or zoot 40 suit. A difference between childrens and adult costumes is that adults often collect their own costumes, with more attention to the details. Children are very happy with the costumes you bought in the local drug shop. Adult dress can be quite detailed - something that would be right at home on a movie set. The composition of high costumes and masks and clothing is quite common. Costume rental shops can help with putting all of this together. High quality costume can cost a lot of money and renting can make sense, especially if you want a different dress every year.