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Mens Scottish Costume Halloween Costumes 2017

The Scottish Highlands are a magical place that get spoken of in just about any arena. People long for whatever mysterious qualities are nestled in the ancient lands and it has given birth to no shortage of grand tales. From the immortal and katana-wielding MacLeods to images of singing mythical ballads on the vast green hills, we’ve all got a pretty clear idea of the grand land (even if it is imagined entirely in our own fantasies).

Still, if you’re mad for plaid, embracing the culture that reportedly loves it is a great way to get a little closer than we likely are at the moment! Kilts and bagpipes are definitely a way to go and just a tad more socially acceptable than trying to wield broadswords or daring to attempt quotations of the film-that-must-not-be-named! (Even if everyone does like the idea of Freedom!)

But, if you’re looking for a bit more of a physical and direct connection with the Scottish lands, you can certainly try this Men’s Scottish costume, an exclusive outfit complete with a handsome plaid kilt that will show off your legs perfectly as you dance along to the sound of those lovely bagpipes or even your favorite hip hop sounds. You can be assured that it’ll fit perfectly thanks to the elastic waist and the lovely looking black and silver edged satchel. The top is a polyester jacket with silver buttons and bright edging and comes with a sash of the same material as your kit… because matching matters! Heck, there are even flashy red flags on your socks! Last, but far from least, is the puffy fur hat. The combination blends you perfectly into the imagined history. Next you’ll be wanting a claymore!

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