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Review Retro Miss Mouse Costume Halloween Costumes 2017

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Retro Miss Mouse Costume Halloween Costumes 2017

There is something about the look of vintage cartoons. Obviously, there is the nostalgia that it awakens in those of us who grew up with what we now so often call ‘retro animation,’ but it is more than simply reliving some of the cartoons that we remember having once watched. If that were true, the new generations wouldn’t be able to look at a black and white or early color character and crack a smile of interest that eventually falls to one of admiration. The simple times, perhaps, forced a little bit of magic to make those characters pop off the screen and seem real.

But, now, we see several of those characters being given life once more! They’re not always exactly the same, modernized in some way or animations reshaped to look a tad more realistic. Change is tough! Some of us look at these new-old characters and rise nostrils and frown at the alterations made to that which we loved… but it is also a new life for something that might have otherwise vanished away. It is time to embrace our revived friends of the past, folks!

So, your favorite mouse friend will be jumping up and cheering, “Oh, boy!” when you greet him in this Retro Miss Mouse costume. This adorable polka dot skirt draws out the vintage feel of a time long gone while the red halter-top with exposed back gives just a hint of modernity, all of which is accented by the black fabric fringe, midriff and gloves. The matching black collar with decorative buttons makes for a fine contrast to the bright of the red and the mouse headband with cartoonish mouse ears and iconic bow complete the look. Accessorize yourself with the rights shoes and perhaps a mini umbrella and it will be as though the cartoons of the past have come to play today!

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