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  1. Grey Wolf Helmet

    If your upcoming Halloween bash is set to include a mega session of costumed karaoke, take a deep breath, prepare your vocal chords, and deck yourself out in a look that will complement yourahemlilting, melodious voice. Belt it out, baddie, because nows your time to sing off key and suffer no consequences (folks will be too frightened to tease you!)The truth is: it wont matter if you sing like a songbird or howl like a banshee in this cool Grey Wolf Helmet. All eyes will be on you and the powerful scene youre setting, whether you use this molded latex mask to top a classic Big Bad costume or create your own character in a pinstripe suit and shined up wingtips. For optimal use, slip on at the full moon and practice your howling high notes. Who knows, if youre lucky your all Hallows eve performance may even inspire a little fang mail...

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  2. Bear Hood/Mask

    Man, being a barbarian is tough! When you're not spending your time battling the other tribes of the north, you have to deal with the Romans, who are just always looking to expand their territories. At least you can keep your noggin toasty while you're wielding your sword in battle by wearing this epic Bear Hood/Mask. You may even get to scare a few strangers along the way which is an added bonus because, you just can't put a price on the intimidation factor. Wearing a bear head on your real head will make you look like a threatening savage. This hood/mask is as close as you can get to becoming a real warrior. It features faux fur and realistic three dimensional details, as well as fake teeth. People will bearly be able to tell you apart from a Grizzly Bear or an intimidating soldier when you're wearing this wild accessory!..

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  3. Adult Creepy Giggles Clown Mask

    Meet Giggles. Despite what you may think, his nick name isn't ironic in the least. Because giggles are genuinely what he lives for! This passionate clown is devoted to bringing joy to children of all ages, everywhere he goes. Can't you just tell by that sincere smile and the focused, engaged look in his eyes? Fresh out of the insane asylum... we mean clown college... Giggles just needs someone to give him a chance, and maybe a little work. Luckily, having this talented entertainer at your disposal is as easy as bringing home this Adult Creepy Giggles Clown Mask!Highly detailed and unsettlingly lifelike, this clown is what they refer to as nightmare fuel on the internet. Because he's not like that non-scary, classic clown that unfairly gets a bad rap from coulrophobics. Nope, Giggles is everyone's greatest fear... a clown with truly evil intentions. So bring a real scare to your Halloween this year with the Adult Creepy Giggles Clown Mask!..

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  4. Dammy the Clown Mask

    Its hand-painted! Now thats quality! What did Dammy do with the painters? Hes not telling!Ringling Brothers are closing down shop. Between video games and endless Star Wars movies keeping the kids entertained and the ASPCA asking questions about how they got those bears to ride trikes, its just gotten to be too much to handle. So Dammys out of a job. And Dammys not happy about it. Whats Dammy going to do to occupy all that newfound free-time? Hes not going to stop traveling from town to town, thats for sure. Dammys got a traveling spirit. Cant keep a good clown down. So Dammyll just get up to what mischief he can before he moves on to the next town.Our Dammy the Clown mask is for the Halloweener whod rather default straight to tricknobodys going to be waiting around to see what you drop in their bucket when youre wearing this thing. Dammys keeping all the candy for himself...

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  5. Cthulhu Adult Mask

    Phnglui mglwnafh Cthulhu Rlyeh wgahnagl fhtagn.We cant provide a pronunciation guide or directions to Rlyeh, but thats Old One for, In his house at Rlyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming. Normally wed say let the big guy sleep, but lately feels like as good a time as any to rouse the dead god and let it all end. So go for itspread Cthulhus image out there into the world with you in this Cthulhu Adult Mask, and see what happens. What have you got to lose? Besides your sanity, that is. No way youre getting out with that. Leave whatever you find in Miskatonic State Universitys library for future Cthulhu seekers to follow up on before youre permanently committed to the Danvers State Insane Asylum.Dread Cthulhus alien visage might seem out-there, but its pretty much the only one of H.P. Lovecrafts creations we could even make a mask of. Masks of Nyarlathotep might be one of the most critically acclaimed tabletop role-playing campaigns of all time, but you try actually making one. We have. They dont call him the crawling chaos for nothingit just looked like black cottage cheese all over the wearers face. Dont think a shoggoth dog costume isnt one of our most requested items every Halloweenits just really hard to make satisfactorily. Costume materials have improved a lot since the brittle plastic rubber-band masks of yore, but we still cant do myriad temporary eyes and self-luminous protoplasmic bubbles...

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  6. Area 51 Alien Adult Mask

    In a remote patch of the Mojave Desert in southern Nevada is a top secret government facility... what? Yes, Area 51. How'd you know? Popular knowledge? Since when?Okay, so someone told us you guys had no idea what Area 51 was. Clearly we have been misinformed. Can we safely assume you know about the extraterrestrials then? And the saucer? What about the alien tech? Dang. Maybe you should be filling us in on the details. You know what? It's fine. It doesn't even matter. The point is this: we have an Area 51 Alien Adult Mask. You could look like an alien yourself. If you want to scare people, or be part of the welcome wagon... what? No we're not wearing masks, these are our normal faces. Why would you ask that?..

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Halloween is not just childrens holidays. Over the past 30-40 years, it has become increasingly popular, with adults entering the spirit as well as children. And of all Halloween traditions, uniforms are the highest for all ages. Exactly when children are babies, they are dressed up for Halloween (although for babies, enthusiasm is more for parents or children!) Ideal ideas for childrens costumes are almost simple, but the most popular year-on-year are the licensed characters of their favorite movies and TV shows. And usually the most popular is any character of the last hit movies last summer. There are more amazing costumes, such as pirates, witches, spirits and aliens always working too. As children get older, they usually get over each year. Fake wounds, blood and blood are common views with older tricks. And less their parents like it, the better. Halloween costumes have ended up becoming more popular every year as well. There are tons of licensed adults for adults as well as many of the antique backups. When adults wear up, they often like to stick to a theme - everyone in the costumes will be by theme or a couple may wear some similar uniforms. Historical costumes such as Renaissance or Medieval nappies are also popular with young people. Or decades costumes - Roaring 20 dressers or zoot 40 suit. A difference between childrens and adult costumes is that adults often collect their own costumes, with more attention to the details. Children are very happy with the costumes you bought in the local drug shop. Adult dress can be quite detailed - something that would be right at home on a movie set. The composition of high costumes and masks and clothing is quite common. Costume rental shops can help with putting all of this together. High quality costume can cost a lot of money and renting can make sense, especially if you want a different dress every year.