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  1. Mad Goblin Mask

    Goblins have never been known for their beauty! The mad goblin mask is a half mask that has an attached black foam top hat on top. The hat fits around your head, while the vinyl mask portion hangs over your face. The front of the mask has hideous molded features, like green skin, a pointy nose and a grinning mouth. A set of red side burns and a matching goatee made of synthetic fibers add to the creepy look. A set of eyeholes near the eyes allow for clear vision, while a set of holes in the nose allow for comfortable breathing. After you put it on, you'll be ready to do the things that goblins ARE know for, like destruction and mayhem!..

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  2. Weed Mask

    Are you looking to turn over a new leaf? Perhaps youve found yourself in some sticky situations recently? Or maybe youre just looking for a new look that will make your best buds green with envy. Any which way, isnt it high time you made a change? If youre tired of falling back on half-baked schemes and ending up lost in the weeds, you can get your next party buzzing and make sure everybodys having a smoking good time with just a simple change of appearance. Sure, changing your entire face seems like a high price to show your pals a token of your appreciation, but when it comes to friends, you dont want to nickel and dime yourself.This mask looks like a great big marijuana leaf, is what were saying. Crafted from molded latex with an elastic security band, it fits your face comfortably and stays in place throughout the nights revelries. The green face mask blossoms out into seven curly leaves and a stem, with a faux cigar butt protruding from the lips. Your more pun-inclined friends might call you a pothead, but youll be too busy livening up the joint to pay them any mind...

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  3. Nosferatu

    Throw on this latex mask and transform into the father of cinematic horror antagonists! All the way back in the 1920's when silent films were popular, one film that stuck out was the notorious film adaption of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Since the rights to the novel were never granted a few things had to change, such as the name of the lead character and even some terminology. The word 'vampire' became 'Nosferatu' and 'Count Dracula' was changed to 'Count Orlok'. So, grab a black trench coat, grow out those fingernails and toss on this Count Orlok mask!Now if anyone recognizes you and compliments your 'Nosferatu' costume, give them credit for their horror film knowledge, because that is quite impressive. However, then kindly correct their misconception and let them know your name is actually Count Orlok, Nosferatu is more or less the type of creature you are. They'll thank you for the lesson in archaic Romanian words and move along before you attempt to suck their neck dry! Now then, get out there with this Count Orlok mask and have a fun night of terrorizing and educating people...

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  4. Smoke Mask Black

    Are you our mummy?Sorry. There was this gas scare earlier and the only thing we could find was these Smoke Masks in Black. The lenses are a bit fogged up so we couldn't exactly tell it was you when you approached. Turns out these aren't actual functioning gas masks, which is just as well because the 'gas scare' was just someone playing a prank with aerosol in the break room.Regardless, some costumes need a good gas mask like this Smoke Mask in Black. No, it doesn't work as a gas mask, seeing as it's molded latex with clear plastic lenses for the eyes, but that doesn't really matter for costumes. You'll be going for the look after all. So whether you're dealing with zombies, alien possession, or some hazardous war, you'll at least look equipped. Now, for real, have you seen our mom? She was supposed to come visit today.....

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  5. Boar Punk

    You know what? We get it...sometimes, we get really annoyed with teenagers, too. They walk around like they own the world, not even bothering to show their elders any respect. Even worse, they somehow think they're entitled to clean up the crime-ridden streets that you and your mutant rhino buddy have enjoyed for years. It's like, get in line, kids! Right? You've worked hard to enjoy the life of crime you've built, and now they think they can just jump in with their ninja skills and ruin it? You know who we blame it on? The parents. After all, it was their father-figure Shredder who totally annihilated you (sorry, don't mean to bring up bad memories), which forced you to join the Foot Clan. And yeah...maybe you had another path planned for yourself, especially after you got doused with that mutagen ooze, but here we are.So here's what we suggest...pull on this crazy Boar Punk Mask, team up with your best rhino buddy, and get pumped to fight those teenage turtles. So they've got ninja skills! You've got maturity and experience! (Okay, maybe one more than the other...okay, maybe neither, but you want it more!). You've also got this super sweet latex mask with a synthetic hair mohawk, sideburns, and a goatee...can a teenager pull off this badass look? Nope! And your molded sunglasses will always stay on your face as you're swinging those large tusks around, which is a huge bonus. No matter who wins or loses (after all...those kids are ninjas...) you'll be looking rad and bad until the end of the fight!..

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  6. Chingo the Clown Mask

    The experts classify clowns based on where they fall along a spectrum. The feel-good balloon artists from your sixth birthday party go on one end, and the paperback horror-novel nightmares go on the other. But even the most studious clown scholars will be baffled by Chingo, who seems to come from a kaleidoscopic dimension where simple categories like 'clown' and 'non-clown' are almost meaningless. In this twisted reality, clowns are named for the horrible games that they like to play. 'Chingo,' for instance, is a game that combines the silent frustration of 'charades' and the dumb luck of 'Bingo.' It's almost too awful for words!From there, it only gets more mixed-up. Those hairpieces, for example, are just a few scraggly fibers from being all-out demon horns. And that smile is truly grotesque, even though it also seems to say we are just going to have the BEST time today! Do clown science a favor, ok? Put on this mask for a few hours, and let us know what type of clown you become. This could be a breakthrough!..

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Halloween is not just childrens holidays. Over the past 30-40 years, it has become increasingly popular, with adults entering the spirit as well as children. And of all Halloween traditions, uniforms are the highest for all ages. Exactly when children are babies, they are dressed up for Halloween (although for babies, enthusiasm is more for parents or children!) Ideal ideas for childrens costumes are almost simple, but the most popular year-on-year are the licensed characters of their favorite movies and TV shows. And usually the most popular is any character of the last hit movies last summer. There are more amazing costumes, such as pirates, witches, spirits and aliens always working too. As children get older, they usually get over each year. Fake wounds, blood and blood are common views with older tricks. And less their parents like it, the better. Halloween costumes have ended up becoming more popular every year as well. There are tons of licensed adults for adults as well as many of the antique backups. When adults wear up, they often like to stick to a theme - everyone in the costumes will be by theme or a couple may wear some similar uniforms. Historical costumes such as Renaissance or Medieval nappies are also popular with young people. Or decades costumes - Roaring 20 dressers or zoot 40 suit. A difference between childrens and adult costumes is that adults often collect their own costumes, with more attention to the details. Children are very happy with the costumes you bought in the local drug shop. Adult dress can be quite detailed - something that would be right at home on a movie set. The composition of high costumes and masks and clothing is quite common. Costume rental shops can help with putting all of this together. High quality costume can cost a lot of money and renting can make sense, especially if you want a different dress every year.